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What’s the difference between 1 BHK and 1 RK?

What’s the difference between 1 BHK and 1 RK?

Monday, 17 Jul, 2023     Admin

1BHK means the one Bedroom, one Hall and one Kitchen (Single Bedroom flat)
Whereas 1RK means one Room and Kitchen means basically only two rooms in total. (In government quarters & housing board it is known as SRT - single room tenant).

In terms of space they could be the same. The basic difference between both of them are the absence of hall in RK. Studio Apartment has this type of layout.

1BHK suitable for a small and low middle income family because there is a room, a hall, and a separate kitchen so the family will ultimately turn the hall into another room as the children of the family grow up and in a RK there is only a room and a separate kitchen with no hall that could be turned into another room for your grown up children, so it could be good only for the bachelors.

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